Hello, thank you for visiting my website!

It is with a pinch of sadness that I wish to inform you that the France St-Louis Hockey School will no longer offer courses during the summer season. I currently have many projects to administer and as a result, my calendar is completely full leaving little time for what I considered for years to be a wonderful privilege.

I truly enjoyed every second spent alongside the many hockey players that participated in my courses since 1995. It was always so pleasant to watch them learn new skills and enjoy the steps leading up to the achievement of their goals.

The passion we share for hockey will live on and I’m confident that my continued involvement in sport will enable us to cross paths from time to time. I am extremely proud that women’s hockey has become an incubator of talent and I am convinced that the next generation of players is quite promising. Some of the athletes I welcomed to my school over the years are now members of the National team of active members of the Montréal Stars. Hopefully some of these players will catch the teaching bug and will choose to pass on their knowledge and skills to enthusiasts like you ! I invite you to keep your eyes open for new hockey schools initiated by these impressive young women in the years to come.

In my mind, this is not the end, it's just the beginning of new opportunities !

Thank you for your continued support towards my hockey school!

Kindest Regards! France

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